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I've always enjoyed a wide variety of interests in life, and when I sat down to formulate exactly what kinds of information I wanted to share in this blog, EDITORIALS was a top choice to survive the final cut. Enjoy!

Strategic Reality: A mostly unknown or well-hidden truth that, once discovered and strategically implemented, imparts the beholder with a newfound sense of control over their Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Happiness!  Richard L. Bristol

Welcome to "The Strategic Reality Files" EDITORIALS Blog!

Okay, I admit it. I have a soapbox and I'm not afraid to be politically incorrect and totally irreverent if I get riled up over some lame-brained action, ill-advised utterance, or incomprehensible act of shear stupidity, of which the world has far more than enough to go around. It is here, in this sub-blog, where I will allow myself to shamelessly editorialize as the need arises.

Whether you agree or disagree with my utterances herein is not the point of this forum. Naturally, it's easy preaching to the regular church goers, but in the Strategic Reality of today's media world, things are getting more polarized over time because people love to associate with others who think the way they think. Consequently, the proliferation of traditional media and internet sites devoted to one line of thought or another results in individuals seeking out ONLY content for which they AGREE.

While you may NOT agree with everything I say, which is perfectly okay with me, at least I have a reasonable expectation that since you are seeking WISDOM, as one of the reasons you frequent this site, you may be open to hearing and learning about things you don't necessarily agree with. It is ONLY through exposure to a wide variety of thought, that one becomes wise. You may even have one of those "aha" moments in which you say ... "Oh, I never thought of it that way!" And who knows where THAT thought may lead.

In the coming days, weeks and years, I'll be here to share not only my own EDITORIALS, but I'll be searching the world for the latest nuggets of controversial thoughts from around the world -- which I will share with you via my GUEST EDITORIALS blog.

This is my first post in this category and it is intentionally short as I stub out the rest of the categories.  When you check out my Blog Guide, you'll see this is an extremely ambitious blog for one person to manage, but I have a lot to say, and I promise it will be worth your time to follow  my posts. Please take a moment to Join my mailing list to the right! Thank you and enjoy!  

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