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I've always enjoyed a wide variety of interests in life, and when I sat down to formulate exactly what kinds of information I wanted to share in this blog, ME, MY WIFE & I was a top choice to survive the final cut. Enjoy!

Strategic Reality: A mostly unknown or well-hidden truth that, once discovered and strategically implemented, imparts the beholder with a newfound sense of control over their Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Happiness!  Richard L. Bristol

Welcome to "The Strategic Reality Files" ME, MY WIFE & I Blog!

When my late wife passed away 10 years ago, the world lost a great spirit. If it were not for the profound wisdom she shared with me every day of our lives together, I would NOT be who I am today. Without her, I would most likely be rotting away in a musky casket somewhere, rather than living the fulfilling life I now enjoy.  This blog is a mixed biography of myself and my wife, but mostly Sacha,  a totally amazing woman who lived a drama-filled life in the years leading up to and after World War II in her native Hungary, and how she finally escaped to America!

Every post in this section will reveal a snapshot of who I was before meeting Sacha, OR it will be a portrait of this amazing woman, who rescued me from a life of mundane mediocrity (in regard to spiritual matters), and whose own personal life story reads like a James Bond thriller, all of which leads to our life together and the incredible things I saw her do which defy explanation, AND returning full circle to myself, where I, now alone again, seek to advance the principles she taught that are reflective of her desire to help and enlighten anyone who, by design or happenstance, was fortunate enough to cross her path (deep breath).

As you can tell, this blog is all about Sacha, where I am just a bit player in her continuing saga. Even though she is no longer with us on this plane of existence, she was, is, and will always be a powerful spirit. When I finally reveal her secret, what she made me promise never to reveal during her lifetime, you will understand why I speak of her in such reverent terms, and why this blog is potentially the precursor of a much larger work devoted to her existence.      

This is my first post in this category and it is intentionally short as I stub out the rest of the categories. When you check out my Blog Guide, you'll see this is an extremely ambitious blog for one person to manage, but I have a lot to say, and I promise it will be worth your time to follow my posts. Please take a moment to Join my mailing list to the right! Thank you and enjoy! 

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